Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Introduction & Couples' Services

Greetings to my first article on this blog!

My name is James Abernathy-Villarreal and I am a Minister with American Marriage Ministries.

I am a wedding officiate in Wilmington, NC and the local region. Welcome to this blog/site.

What I can offer you, is a lot!  Here is a list:

  • Wedding Services within 1 hour of Wilmington
           Any event is great!  I can help you plan and make sure you are getting everything you need.
  • Pre Wedding Counsel
          Understand the nature of your wedding and what it will take to pull it together, less stress, more fun! What to avoid and how to spend whats required to meet your needs. How to manage the effects of the event with your families, each other, and how to sale through it without problems. 
  • Pre Wedding Fitness and Aesthetics Assistance
          Want to look your best and feel great?  Have the glow and confidence you deserve?  Well, I can help you shape up, lose weight, be at your best outside and inside. Picking out the right outfit can be a hassle. As an image consultant, I can help you look your best for that event and all those photos to follow. 
  • Post Wedding Planning for the future:  financial, legal, long term success strategies
         Now that you are married, the planning and making things happen part requires a lot of savvy. Most people do not get this experience nor know what to expect from one another. Some planning and putting together realistic goals will make your lives more harmonious. This is sort of like a contract for how to make this marriage work. Knowing what will happen if things catch you by surprise is worth their weight in gold. With the ever changing times and laws, it is essential you know how to protect yourselves and your assets. If the marriage ends, then you need an exit strategy. Half of all relationships dissolve and many do not do it gracefully!  Having a realistic way to approach this topic and plan for the what-ifs?   are a mature and self saving process. 

Here is my general resume about my career:

30 years, Marriage and Family Therapist
35 years as a business manager, consultant, and entrepreneur
5 years as a floral assistant
40 years as an artist
50 years as a musician
25 years as a fitness trainer
17 years as a Doctor of Nutrition

Yes, I have proof!  My portfolio is available anytime for a quick look of confidence.

More about Me:

I am married to a wonderful man, for 3 years. We dated for two years prior to our engagement.
We recently moved to Wilmington from Colorado. It has been a normal transition. Our love and commitment is very strong.

Because we are GAY and worry about the laws and how unreasonable many Americans are,
I am often promoting services for our population. I want all of us to be successful and happy.
Marriage is a wonderful thing. It is the ultimate cherry on the top of our cake that makes us feel
legitimate and equal to others.

So, I am very excited to assist those who will walk down an aisle and have a blessed, sacred event.

I hope to answer your questions and have you over for coffee. 
Here is my contact information:

Phone: 719-639-1110


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Introduction & Couples' Services

Greetings to my first article on this blog! My name is James Abernathy-Villarreal and I am a Minister with American Marriage Ministries. ...